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POLYTECH Borstimplantaten



Quality made in Germany

German brands enjoy the highest reputation worldwide for superior quality and high-level processing. POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics, the only German breast implant manufacturer, has implemented extensive safety test procedures and guarantees that it adheres to the highest quality standards.

The raw materials we utilize for the shell and gel of our implants are certified for long-term implantation. At our production site in Germany, implants are examined after each production stage to prevent possible errors or defects. The implant is released for sale only when all tests and security checks are passed successfully. In this manner, we con- sistently ensure high quality and safety for the surgeons and patients.

German standards

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is one of the leading implant manufac- turers in Europe and has a history of 25 years of breast implant expe- rience. The company is the only German manufacturer of soft-tissue implants. The premises are located in Dieburg (near Frankfurt), and since July 2008, all implants have been exclusively produced in Ger- many. Concentrating the production in Germany assures high quality in all areas, increases flexibility and reduces development cycles.

German focus

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics was the first company to receive Mark for their implants in 1995. In 2003, the European Community decided that breast implants were to be classified as medical device class III products, a device class that also includes pacemakers, and heart valves. This means that strict guidelines must be followed in the production of breast implants. POLYTECH immediately received clea- rance for its products because it had previously implemented quality standards equal to those valid since the 2003 breast implant reclassifi-




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